Yvolution Potting Shed

This was a great exercise for our inner child! We met with Scooter design leaders Yvolution for an evening of creativity in their new design centre.

These guys have been creating the coolest things, on two to three wheels, for kids since ’09 and had a fantastic brief for us to tackle!

For this brainstorm we were to come up with collections or families of characters that could range from abstract representations of animal forms to overt and brightly coloured monster blobs, the sky was the limit! We were then to look at applying these characters to a vast array of wheeled products that would lend themselves visually and mechanically to the character and movement of our creation.

The main goal was for us to avoid generating generic characters and instead create some brand new creatures! This was obviously a very enjoyable and engaging session, with all sorts of bizarre and fun creations emerging along with numerous scooters designs!