Connect The Dots Potting Shed

We were delighted to get an opportunity to work with Marisa & Naomi of Connect The Dots, for the first Potting Shed of 2017!  We met in the beautiful Fitzwilliam Hall on 8/2/2017, all thanks to the wonderful Glandore Network,  the original Irish home to the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, and Beats By Dre, to name a few!

Connect the Dots brings to life customized events that are anything but conventional. They co-­create these forums with their guests to ensure that each experience is engaging and meaningful for all involved. As social entrepreneurs, their aim is to bring people together around topics that matter. Their people first process ensures their events leave a lasting impression, and generate results for everyone involved

The process:


We gather deep insights about our attendees – from their backgrounds to their interests to their preferred event formats. By bringing attendees into the pre­-event planning process, they are invested in the event weeks before it happens. We use these insights to inform our strategic design of the event, ensuring we achieve client and attendee outcomes in a creative, bespoke manner.


With a tailored event design every time, each event is a unique and dynamic experience that leaves a lasting impression. We curate interaction, facilitate the exchange of ideas, and spark innovation amongst our attendees.


After the event, we create a report that analyses the data gathered, increasing the return for all involved by generating targeted and reliable insights.

They have used this process for events such as, Imagine College Green – for Dublin City Council, where the aim was to bring together (200) diverse stakeholders citizens and policymakers to collaborate on ideas for the potential of College Green as a pedestrianised space.

They also worked with Accenture to reimagine their annual event for female entrepreneurs to encourage women to apply for their Leaders of Tomorrow competition.

Connect the Dots reached out to the Potting Shed to examine, and ideate around, potential areas of growth for their unique process and approach to curating bespoke community discussions.

Their brief included:

  • Where can CTD go next with this concept?
  • What would you apply them to?
  • What could they do to expand or improve?

The Potting Shed team were incredibly impressed with Connect the Dots and their meticulous approach to ensuring their events contained the people with the most value to offer. Their attention to detail and determination to engage with attenders before and after the events gave us an insight into just how considered their process is.

The team got to work brainstorming, initially addressing  opportunities such as potential adjacent areas that could suit the Connect the Dots model, the use of bots to alleviate some of the work load involved in filtering attendees, and most of all the best ways to sell the Connect the Dots story and process as the superb service it is.

The evening was a great success with lots of ideas generated, and we are looking forward to watching the continued success of Connect the Dots and their unique innovative approach to public discussion.