Bo peeps Potting Shed

This Potting Shed Dublin was requested by two Trinity based entrepreneurs embarking on their on venture.  They were looking for some creative input on their business idea for customisable kids glasses for children 10 years and younger.

They required concepts and developments of various methods of customisation, peripherals, mechanics, materials, and the overall design of the glasses themselves. They both came from business backgrounds, so while they knew exactly what the product was supposed to be, they we’re less sure of the technical aspects of the design and functionality of it.

We didn’t however let the product design aspect of the brief put anyone off joining in! The cornerstone of The Potting Shed Dublin is to gather input and experience from every walk of life, not just product designers ,we needed everyone’s brains! The results from designers and non designers alike were equally of high quality.  From ways to colour, morph, and clip accessories on to the product as well as various mechanical methods to adapt the glasses to the users needs, a huge amount was covered in a very enjoyable evening.